Never Have I Ever …


… Lived on my own. After high school I moved in with my dad for most of university, then moved in with Kyle, and the rest is history!

… Been on a blind date. The greatest thing about marrying your high school sweetheart is that you get to avoid the every-changing dating scene! I had to Google what Tinder is after hearing people talk about it. Hashtag: imanoldgeezer.

… Read a Harry Potter book. I KNOW. I watched the first movie though, if that’s any consolation?

… Passed out from drinking too much. I’ve always managed to brush my teeth and put pyjamas on, so in my books that’s going to bed, not passing out! ;)

… Watched Scandal, Game of Thrones or Sons of Anarchy. Or Mad Men. Or a lot of other really popular television shows, which is amusing because I watch a LOT of TV.

… Broken a bone. *knocks on wood* I’ve dislocated my shoulder a few times and required a sling, but I’ve never needed a cast for anything!

… Been to a Major League Baseball game, although I really hope to cross this one off the list soon.

… Ridden on the back of a motorcycle. They scare me, for realz, and I’d probably gross out the driver by getting the nervous sweats if I did ride on one.

… Consumed a Big Mac from McDonald’s. Maybe it’s the “secret” sauce, but it just doesn’t look appetizing to me. (Not that McDonalds’ food is stellar to begin with…)

… Cooked a turkey. While I can cook, turkeys are reserved for big family dinners and I’m a mess in the kitchen when it comes to time management. I’m getting better, but Kyle is way calmer and cooks an awesome bird, so he takes over chef duties when we have everyone over for dinner.

… Played beer pong or flip cup. Maybe I wasn’t cool enough to be invited to those kind of parties? I didn’t even know how to play flip cup until I saw Jimmy Fallon play it against Kate Upton on YouTube.

.. eaten a macaron. Or is it macaroon? Either way, I’ve never had one of those bizarre fluffy, pastel Oreos ;)

Anything on my list that you’ve done? Or care to share something that you’ve “Never ever?”

4 thoughts on “Never Have I Ever …

  1. This is fun! I have never been on a blind date, passed out from drinking too much, watched Game of Thrones, ridden on the back of a motorcycle, or cooked a turkey! So some are similar, some are not. :) (I also have never lived alone, but considering I’m checking that one off the ole bucket list next month, I left it off. Ha.)

    I might “steal” this idea for my blog!


  2. I’ve never played beer pong or flip cup and I think my beer ponging and flip cupping days also may be over anyways :) I have done most of the other things on your list though! Including passing out from drinking too much – multiple times *insert cry laughing emoticon*



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