It’s (in) the Pits

Disclaimer: I received a sample of this product for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Fun (and slightly gross) fact: I sweat like a pig. Every since puberty hit, I became a victim of sweat, whether it was from overheating, stress, or whatever. As a result, I have become somewhat of a underarm deodorant aficionado.

I remember my first-ever stick what a gross, powerdy one that smelled like baby powder and showed up on shirts worse than you wouldn’t believe, and I was made fun of in a major way. (Enter my self-conscienceness here.) Since then, I’ve tried almost every type of anti-stink stick out there. While my current “go-to” stick is an invisible solid, the raging hormones of postpartum awesomeness have put it to the test, and it’s failing slightly.

Of course, it was the perfect time to receive a sample of Secret Clear Gel to try out and review from BzzAgent.

I’ve never used a gel before so I was skeptical of how well it would perform; I’ve been using it for almost a week straight and I must say, I’m rather impressed.

My first concern was how fast it would dry after I put it on. Nothing is more uncomfortable than putting on deodorant right before you get dressed and then having your shirt get smeared with deodorant, or having deodorant stains in your armpits. Well guess what? Clear gel is exactly that – CLEAR! I had no wet marks in my pits, so that was a huge win in my books. I also didn’t have chunks of while powder hanging out in my armpit after I applied it – a huge plus for tank top season.


No residue here!

However, my BIGGEST concern was how well it protected against sweat. Like I said before, I sweat a LOT so sweat marks and of course, stank is always the #1 thing I want to avoid. (Really, who doesn’t consider that their top priority when choosing a pit stick?)


Dry pits are happy pits

We’ve been having funny weather lately where it’s been cool in the mornings but hot in the afternoons, so I’ve been choosing short-sleeved shirts over tanks to combat my body’s desire to either be too cold or too warm. Yesterday I decided to take the girls for a walk as it was starting to warm up, and I thought for sure that once I started to get moving and started to feel the heat, I’d have nice little wet marks in my pits to show for my efforts. Alas, upon lifting up my arms, they were dry as they could be thanks to Secret. Even better – they didn’t stink! Victory!

Other things I liked? The smell was not too shabby, although it may not have been my first choice if I were to go ahead and buy it for myself at the drug store. It also isn’t too pricy either; as I mentioned, I’ve bought almost every type of deodorant under the sun and the price point for this stick is spot-on for what it does.

My only gripe about Secret Clear Gel is that the gel feels kind of sticky once applied. It being the first gel deodorant I’ve ever tried, I don’t know if this is typical of this type of stick in general, but I’m not 100% sold on how it made my pits feel. Until I got used to it, I found myself constantly looking down at my armpits checking for wet marks.

How sweaty do you get? Does your underarm deodorant do the job?




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