Pregnancy 2.0: 20 weeks

20 Weeks

Size of baby: Baby #2 is about the size of a Belgian endive, according to the Ovia Pregnancy app. According to the Babycenter app, it’s about 13oz and 27cm long. Either way, baby is a growin’!

Feeling: Lousy because of all the hip pain I’ve been having. As soon as I’m done my stint at the university and done with sitting in office chairs I’m going to be high-tailing it to my chiropractor to get everything straightened out. Maybe I’ll even sneak in an RMT appointment.

Craving: Sushi! It’s be a reoccurring craving and this time I blame it on the last episode of Masterchef Jr. I watched. The kids were making homemade California Roll & tempura shrimp and it made it want sushi SO bad. I’m not even joking.

Other: My anatomy/gender determination ultrasound scan is next Tuesday! Kyle and I have decided to take the “magical” envelope with the gender written in it to a baker and have cupcakes made with blue or pink icing inside. Then on Friday we’ll have a little reveal get-together with family! It’s going to kill me having to wait three more days after my ultrasound, but it will be fun!

Until then, here’s a side-by-side shot of me at 20 weeks with Isla and at 20 weeks with #2. I originally had taken a photo wearing the same shirt, but it stretched out a LOT since I wore it for all my bump photos with Isla, lol.

Isla vs Baby 2


What do you think – Boy or Girl??


4 thoughts on “Pregnancy 2.0: 20 weeks

  1. I love that you guys are doing the cupcake gender reveal!! I don’t think I want to find out what we’re having when we get pregnant, at least with the first baby, but never say never :)

    It looks like you’re carrying similar to when you were pregnant with Isla so I’m going to say girl!


  2. I’m going to say girl too! My pregnancies were SO different with Topher and Ellie, and like Amber said, you look like you’re carrying similar to when you were pregnant with Isla. A gender reveal sounds like a fun idea – I know I wouldn’t be able to stand the suspense, though!



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