Pregnancy 2.0: 18 weeks

This photo was actually taken yesterday at 17wks, 6d.

This photo was actually taken yesterday at 17wks, 6d.

Size of baby: Baby #2 is about the size of a sweet potato now, or if you prefer, a yam (since people are constantly mixing the two up).

Feeling: Not too shabby. I’ve been feeling pretty tired but I’m guessing that’s just because I’ve been working, so getting used to that routine has has its moments. My hip pain is sometimes ridiculous, but I’m working on at least minimizing it a little by doing a couple of exercises my chiropractor told me about and foam rolling. Sitting all day in a lousy office chair certainly doesn’t help though.

I also finally caved a bought a Snoogle and my sleep has been SO much better since then. I’m so lucky to have an awesome husband who doesn’t mind sharing the bed with a giant pillow ;)

Craving: Honestly? I I’m finding that don’t have a huge appetite, like the kind of appetite that makes me want to devour everything in sight. I heated up my lunch the other day and it just looked completely, “Meh.” I find I’m snacking more than eating big, solid meals, which I suppose is OK as long as my snacking isn’t too unhealthy. (I’ve bought granola bars, grapes, and salad to help combat the chips, chocolate and other unhealthy options.)

Other: I’m starting to feel movement more frequently, which is pretty awesome. Nothing validates that you’re pregnant more than feeling those little kicks, I swear. Or when you look down while sitting and realize that your belly is slowly starting to cover your lap…

Baby gut like wut

Baby gut like wut

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