Happy Halloween!


Meet Frankenpire, Elmo, and Big Eyes

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween on Friday!

While we opted not to take Isla door-to-door for some trick or treating action (Kyle and I figured she was a little too young still), I did take her to the mall for their trick or treating event. All (well, the majority) of the stores hand out candy to kids dressed up in exchange for a donation to the food bank. I explained to Isla that she had to say “Trick or Treat!” and she’d get candy, and she got the hang of it pretty quickly! She was pretty sad when she had visited all the stores and it was time to go home, haha.

At home she just helped me answer the door. When the doorbell rang, she’d leap up from whatever she was doing and run to the candy bowl to give candy to whoever was at the door (as long as they weren’t too scary looking, in which case Mommy had to do it ;) ) The kids would say, “Thank you” and she’s say, “You’re welcome!” and “Bye!” as they walked away, and she’d close the door. It was too cute to watch.

Next year she’ll definitely be ready for going door to door!

And now for what you all came here for, Isla’s Halloween costume: My little butterfly!

How was your Halloween? Did you dress up? What as?

3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. SO CUTE! Love her costume. And that story about her helping you hand out candy is also so so adorable. I swear Halloween is the “holiday” I’m most excited to have kids for!


  2. Your pumpkins are fantastic! And Isla’s costume is adorable :) Topher was a fox and Ellie was an elephant. Ellie only made it to about three houses before she started crying (she’s not big on strangers!) but Topher met up with one of his friends and got a pretty good haul. We went back to his friend’s house afterwards and Ellie had fun helping answer the door, yelling “Bu-Bye!” to all the kids. It was cute :)



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