Roadtrip Recap!

This past weekend my mom, Isla, and I travelled down to Vancouver for a couple days of shopping and fun! The drive down on Saturday was gross – windy and rainy, but worth it! Isla slept pretty much the entire time, waking up just outside of Hope, so we stopped in Chilliwack for lunch, and then she fell asleep again until we were about 10 minutes away from the hotel. One of my bestest friends came and met us at our hotel downtown, and the four of us shopped Robson Street until it was time for dinner!

Saturday we met up with my brother and his girlfriend at the Vancouver Aquarium. It was so cool to see all the animals and fish there, and Isla was enjoying until she got over-tired and had a meltdown for a half-hour. She eventually passed out and we were able to finish the tour. After lunch in Stanley Park we headed out for more shopping at Pacific Center – where I resisted the temptations at Coach and Nine West and laughed at my mom’s obviliousness to their price tags as she walked into the stores.

On Sunday we hit up Ikea – LOVE IT. I swear, if I had drove our truck down it would’ve been VERY hard for me to not buy everything! Lucky, I held back and only spent about $100. The biggest price tag was the bookshelf I bought for Isla’s room, and I was worried that it wasn’t going to fit in the car, but we made it work! After that we visited with my grandpa and his gal for lunch before we hit the road back home. There was snow on the mountain pass, so we had to take the scenic route home through the Fraser Canyon. It added an extra hour to our trip home, and the weather was rainy, but we made it home just before 8pm Monday!

Isla did SO good on this trip, minus the meltdown at the aquarium. She travelled so good in the car, so I can’t wait to travel with her more in the future. It helps that she falls asleep almost immediately in the car.

Now for some photos:

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