10 Day You Challenge

10 Secrets:

1. I hate the word “moist.”

2. I still eat garbage lunch foods like Chef Boyardee and Alphaghetti. They usually make me feel gross afterwards but they’re SO good. Like McDonalds, or alcohol.

3. I have a a horrible memory, except when it comes to trivial details, like birthdays and random facts.

4. I am a crazy Facebook stalker.

5. I love watching America’s Next Top Model. It’s the trashiest show I watch on TV. I know it’s horrible and vain, and the girls on the show usually drive me insane, but I just can’t help but watch the drama unfold.

6. I swallow my gum when I’m finished chewing it if I don’t have anything to dispose of it in.

7. I trick my dog into coming into the house by shaking the treat bag but not give him anything. (He NEVER listens when it’s time to come in.)

8. I’ve finally started to delete people off of Facebook who just drag me down and make me angry, even if they’re family.

9. I love the way professional photos (baby, family, etc.) look but I’m too cheap to invest in them.

10. I don’t want to move back to the “country” but I’m nervous about Isla growing up in the city.

10 Day You posts is a new mini-blog meme that I stumbled across and will be posted on Tuesdays.

One thought on “10 Day You Challenge

  1. I hate the word moist too – so of course Nathan taught Topher to say it. So annoying. I worry about Topher growing up in the city, too – we’ve considered moving to a small town outside the city limits but it makes commuting to work a major pain.



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