Mom Knows Best

So many of us grow up thinking that our moms know nothing, especially when we’re teenagers. I was one of those teens.

I rebelled, fought, and disregarded my mom’s opinions on almost everything. From school to boys, I challenged her constantly, thinking she didn’t know what she was talking about. As the standard rule goes, parents just didn’t understand what us teens were going through.

Today, however, I have a completely different way of thinking about my mom. I look back and see that she was only looking out for me because she only wanted the best for me. What parent wouldn’t? And now that I have my own daughter, I really do believe that my mom knows best. I’m constantly asking her for her thoughts, opinions and relying on her experiences raising my brother and I as I stumble across the day-to-day challenges of raising Isla.

Sure, it was 26 years ago when my mom had to go through raising a child, but so much of her advice is still relevant and of course, extremely helpful. My mom has a bag full of tips and tricks that work wonders. I don’t know what I’d do without her, really, and I’m so thankful that I have her living just a few minutes away (by foot!).

I don’t know how women raise their kids alone, not only without a parter or spouse but without their mom’s advise as well. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to rely on my mom, but at the same time feel guilty because I know women who don’t have their own mom to lean on. I know it’s something I shouldn’t feel bad about, but I do. I know I’d feel lost without my mom’s help. She’s been a lifesaver for me; if Isla’s crying for no apparent reason, my mom figured out in a second that it was just gas. She can put my baby to sleep in a matter of minutes and can burp that baby better than anyone else.

Mom’s really do know best, no matter how long it takes us to realize it.


2 thoughts on “Mom Knows Best

  1. I can’t agree that mothers know best 100 percent of the time. I will agree that my mother always MEANT the best and wanted the best for me, even if she didn’t always go about it the right way.

    I definitely have huge admiration for single mothers – I just don’t think I could do it. I mean, if I was forced to for whatever reason, I suppose I would – you cope when you have to – but it’s not usually a first choice for anyone.

    But yes – appreciate my parents much more with some perspective, and importantly, some space between us!


  2. I didn’t become super close to my mom until I became a mom myself. I value her opinions a lot more nowthan when I was a teenager! You’re lucky to have a mom close by – I think during Topher’s first few months of life, my phone bill went from $80/month to more than $200/month!!!



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