Meet Campbell!

So, last week I may have mentioned in brief that Kyle and I got a new dog. And then on Wednesday I posted a photo of my two dogs.

Well, since our foster-to-adopt period is over today, I’m excited to finally introduce you all to Campbell!

Isn’t he adorable? Now, for his story …

Campbell is a 7-month old pit bull. Kyle and I adopted him through HugABull, a pit bull advocacy and rescue group based out of Vancouver. We had originally contacted HugABull back in January in regards to another dog, but unfortunately we were unable to adopt him because he had an altercation with another dog (which was the other dog’s fault), and they didn’t think that he would be a good match for us in the end. We were sad, but okay with it, and they let us know that if any dogs came to them that were a match for Kyle and I, they’d let us know!

A few weeks ago we got an email from HugABull telling us about a 7-month old male that just entered into their 1-month foster program. (All dogs are fostered and assessed for one month before being eligible for adoption). After seeing pictures, Kyle and I both fell in love with his cute face and immediately said “Yes please!”

So, two weeks ago Kyle and I drove out to Kelowna (with Daphne in tow!) to meet Mr. C! The “meet & greet” went really well, and after a walk to get to know each other, Kyle and I brought Campbell home with us for the two week foster-to-adopt program! Basically, if all goes well during his two week stay with us, he’s ours if we’d still like to have him!

It was a marginal adjustment for us considering we haven’t had a puppy in the house for almost 8 years (how is Daphne already almost 8, BTW?), but we can’t imagine him with anyone else! Despite a couple on bathroom accidents in the house, Campbell has settled in quite nicely and he’s learning more every day! Even Daphne has warmed up to him and lets him clean her face. I think she even likes having a playmate, although he has WAY more energy than she knows what to do with!

Most people’s reaction to us adopting a teenaged dog has been, “You’re nuts.” Maybe so, but we’ve been wanting to get another dog for a loooong time. With Campbell being older, but still young enough to mold into a well-behaved citizen that suits our lifestyle, he’s the perfect match. Really, we don’t think that having a baby and another dog is going to be all that challenging. Campbell is an amazing listener already too; we’re still working on “Come”, but he already knows “Wait” and “Leave it”, which is HUGE since he’s a hungry little guy who LOVES food. We’re also crating him while I’m at work and at night, so that’s a big help. He’s already putting himself to bed at night when he’s had enough of us!

And I know what a lot of you are thinking – “Why on earth would you want a pit bull? They’re mean!” Well, no, they’re not. When you train them correctly, they can be the nicest, calmest, and most loyal family dogs around. We want Campbell to be an ambassador for his breed, and if things keep going the way they are, he’s definitely going to be! He loves people, loves other dogs and is just a pleasure to be around. He’s melted my heart. I hate the stigma behind the breed, because the way I see it, any dog has the potential to be vicious. It’s all in how you raise and train your dog. (And for the record, we do have Campbell is doggy training lessons)

So – I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Tomorrow we are FINALLY getting the baby’s room painted, and I can’t wait to share photos with you!

What are your weekend plans?
What are your thoughts/options on breed-specific stigmas?

3 thoughts on “Meet Campbell!

  1. He’s SO cute. Congrats guys!

    There are so many stigma’s around some breeds. It’s frustrating. It’s all about the owners really. I think socializing him lots with other dogs and people and making him an ambassador for the breed is a GREAT idea. Good luck! I can’t wait till we have a house and can get another dog :)


  2. Congrats on the new pup! When I lived in NB I had a dog that was a rottie/lab mix and rotties are a banned breed in the town I lived in. We lived outside the town limits so I was allowed to keep her but I couldn’t walk her in town. I thought it was pretty dumb but then again – she was a rescue dog who was *very* protective and she did growl/snarl/bite … Like Amber said, it’s all about the owners. Pitbulls that are properly trained/socialized are awesome dogs :)


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