V-Day Cynic

I will have to say, I’m not really all for Valentine’s Day. I’m not against it, but I didn’t get all upset or depressed when Kyle and I decided not to do anything special.

So, when “V-Day” rolled around yesterday, I was happy just to wake up next to my husband, have him kiss me on the cheek and wish me a Happy Valentine’s Day. I was happy with the two of us going to my doctor’s appointment together and hearing Baby I’s heartbeat. (Which is good and strong, btw!)

I don’t know if it’s because I spent 5 years working in customer service where I watched frantic men buying over-priced cards, flowers ($30 for a dozen roses!), and chocolates for their loved ones, but I’ve always thought it was hilarious and marginally pathetic when they came into the store right before closing time only to find a beaten-up bunch of carnations.

I’m not one for public displays of affection, mostly because I embarrass easily, sweat and turn an awful shade of red when all eyes are on me. Flowers delivered to work are my biggest fear.

I think I got nauseous every time I seen someone write “I have the best husband/boyfriend/fiance in the world!” on Facebook/Twitter yesterday. Yeah, you and 1,000,000 other women in the world!

Yes, you can safely say that I was quite the Valentine’s Day cynic yesterday. I was 100% okay with Kyle and I just enjoying our evening together making dinner and cookies. I was looking forward to it!

And then? Then I came home from work and Kyle told me to go look in a drawer because he said he bought cool new headphones for his iPod. Because it’s ridiculously easy for him to fool me, I believed him, only to find this:

His excuse? He couldn’t go through our first Valentine’s Day married together and not do something nice for me. I cried.

So I guess that makes me a cynical hypocrite, because I can’t wait to go for my massage.

It still doesn’t make me a sucker for Valentine’s Day though ;)

How did you celebrate, if you did?

9 thoughts on “V-Day Cynic

  1. That’s a lovely surprise! My honey and I had dinner and then went dancing…in our living room! We’re practicing for our wedding in two weeks :) I’m going to have a really hard time not laughing if we mess up!

    ps. I’m with you on finding the FB status updates annoying! Probably because I was painfully single once and those updates did not make me feel good!


  2. I always congratulate people when their partners send flowers to the office – but me personally, I don’t care for flowers, and I don’t like big gestures like that – I was embarrassed enough when my friends organised a surprise spa/dinner for my 21st, and T surprised me too by acting as ‘chauffeur’ and bringing me a rose.

    T was actually hanging out with a friend for most of the evening, and I watched New Girl on TV and did a bit of coding practice. Heh.


  3. I got the flowers @ work & the chocolate dipped strawberries…But that night I was eating said strawberries watching the Teen Mom 2 finale by myself while the husband had a city meeting! I like the day but all that expensive dinner in a crowded restaurant & mushy stuff just isn’t me! So jealous of your massage btw! =D


  4. Aw, so sweet of Kyle!! I personally love receiving flowers because I love having fresh flowers in the house. Eric always throws me for a loop on things like Valentines Day. In the last 7 years I’ve got flowers a few times (twice delivered to work), a spa day and then a few valentines nothing :) It’s always nice to be surprised with a gift when you’re not expecting one! We had pizza, wine and watched a movie the other night. We rarely watch movies together during the week so it was nice to spend some time together!


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