Never Have I Ever …

I’m seen this floating around the blogosphere for a couple weeks now, so I figured I’d participate!

Never have I ever …

  • Cooked a turkey, or any “big family dinner” food
  • Owned an Apple product other than an iPod
  • Painted a room
  • Been more happy with my life, despite how crumby I feel right now
  • Have I been able to keep a surprise from Kyle
  • Been more excited to move (in 10 days!)
  • Been more exhausted
  • Baked a pie
  • Gone to a yoga class
  • Been to a public pool and not be grossed out
  • Ran more than 5K. (At least not on purpose. Who knows how much you run while playing soccer?)
  • Got to a no-meat diet. Although right now I’m considering it.
  • Not finished a book I didn’t like
  • Gone to the western-most point of Canada
  • Wanted election “season” to be over with so badly
What are your “Never Have I’s?”

One thought on “Never Have I Ever …

  1. I’ve played in some soccer games where I’m pretty sure I ran more than 5k :) I’ve never cooked a turkey either, and I’ve never owned an ipod. The only yoga class I’ve ever been to was a “desk yoga” class at work and it was … weird. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on much by not doing yoga! Hope you get lots of rest tonight – being exhausted is no fun!



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