Like a Dog and a Squirrel

Have you ever had the enjoyment of watching a dog chase a squirrel around? They play cat and mouse all day and you almost feel bad for the dog, until some kind of crazy happens and the dog catches the squirrel? Most of the time, the dog just stands there and doesn’t believe it. Who would’ve thought that after all that work he’s catch it, right?

Well, I had a “dog with a squirrel” moment this week. Actually, I’m still feeling like a dog who caught the squirrel.

Really, it all started when I was drinking my morning coffee and it made me feel like barfing. I figured I didn’t wash the soup out of the mug good enough, because during my cup the next day I felt fine. But – a couple more cups made me feel gross too. I tried not to think anything of it, because, well, I just had my period so I couldn’t possibly be pregnant. Hell, I even had a Caesar because I deserved it. Reminders that sometimes it takes a year to get pregnant kept flowing through my mind after remembering the comments on this post. I just wanted to relax a bit and not worry about it.

Except the coffee sickness continued, also turned into car sickness every now and then. And then? Then a few days ago I was a little late. Yeah, that kind of late. But – again, I tried not to think anything of it because I have before only to be disappointed.

And then Kyle got excited. He wanted to know so badly whether or not we were going to be parents, so after work on Tuesday I stopped at Walmart and bought a test. Nothing is more awkward than buying a test. Period. I waited until Kyle came home from work and after we had dinner and I had chugged a ginormous bottle of Vitamin Water, the testing commenced. Let me tell you, it was the longest 2 minutes and 30 seconds of my life. But the result?

That’s a big-ass plus sign, people! See the reference now? It only took four months of trying and now that we’re successful, I don’t believe it! In fact, I took two tests because of my shock. Kyle even bought the second test so I didn’t have to get out of the truck. And?

Doesn’t get much certain than that, does it?

So, after a doctor’s appointment this morning, I am happy to confirm that I am, indeed, pregnant! I guess after peeing on a stick three time with three positive results it pretty certain, but the doctor (who’s subbing for mine while he’s on holidays) ordered me a blood test, so in a couple weeks, I’ll know for sure FOR SURE, and we’ll begin the rest of the process!

If the pregnancy app on my phone is correct (which I’m not banking any money on, FYI) I’ll be due sometime in June.

We’ve already told Kyle’s family since his grandparents left today for Yuma, AZ. His mom had guessed it when she read that coffee made me sick on Facebook, but she didn’t want to say anything until we told her. I’ll be telling my family tonight after Kyle heads to work.

So – there you have it! It’s slowly starting to sink in, and I’m pretty sure time will fly by and baby will be here before I know it!

Important note! While I’m excited and all, I’m not quiet ready to tell the rest of the world, so please resist the urge for “Congrats” via Twitter or Facebook, or in real life in front of other people. I’ll wait to tell them when I have sonographic proof. (Sorry coworkers who may read this! I don’t want any office gossip yet!) Really, we’re only telling close friends and family, but we’re both too stoked to keep this completely under wraps! I guess that makes my blogging friends pretty special :)

Thanks lovelies! 

9 thoughts on “Like a Dog and a Squirrel

  1. Kara, I’m really so excited for you, congrats! If I were you, I don’t know how the heck I’d keep it a secret. I’m always way too excited to share good news.
    You guys deserve this happy moment, so enjoy every bit of it :)


    • Thanks! I was in denial when I was feeling sick because I thought it was too soon! Apparently the “lucky” ones experience morning (or in my case – all stinkin’ day) sickness really early. Yay for being lucky?


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