Gorgeous Men Club

Ahh, eye candy. Who doesn’t appreciate a little eye candy? And Pinterest! Who doesn’t love that website? Put the two together and I present to you my

Gorgeous Men Club.

Men who, although I love my husband to pieces and am attracted to him in every way possible, make me oh-so-weak in the knees.

I present to you, my club of gorgeous men:

Ben Bass:

Ben stars in the oh-so-Canadian Rookie Blue, my favourite summertime T.V. show. Look at that jaw line! He’s most definitely my favourite at the moment, even though I enjoy guys with slightly less hair.

Jason Statham:

Who can resist a gorgeous man with a brilliant accent, and who can kick ass? Jason Statham is my all-time favourite and my never-possible-but-I-can-dream free pass.

Ami James:

Sure, he may be hot-headed, but I can’t resist a bald man with amazing ink. Ami is the mastermind behind the hit TLC show Miami Ink, and the new NY Ink. If only I had a plane ticket and a spare $3,000 or so, I’d kill to be tattooed by Ami.

Thomas Jane:

Really, I like him best in The Punisher. He was so bad ass. And muscular. Gotta love it when guys get all muscular for films and decide to keep it on.

Gerard Butler:

Gerard Butler was absolutely drool-worthy in 300. Still is, even though he portrays arrogant womanizers in most of his current films. I don’t blame him, really.

Jake Gyllenhaal:

He never really stuck in my mind until he starred in Jarhead. In fact, I don’t think I remember any of his films until I watched Jarhead. I’ve never even watched Donnie Darko, or whatever, which apparently is a cult classic. I have watched October Sky though. Ha.

Anyway, that’s just some of the fellows on my list. Feel free to check out my board on Pinterest for the rest!

Who’s on your list?

4 thoughts on “Gorgeous Men Club

  1. Great list. Who would be on my list? I’ve been liking Ryan Renyolds, Jason Bateman, and Daniel Craig. It could because I just saw The Change-Up and Cowboys and Aliens.



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