WTW: Herr Doos/Crunch Time

The wedding is 66 days away! Not that I’m counting; the ticker on our wedding webpage told me so. Ha!

Actually, having a website is really handy for out of town guests, and it’s easier than stuffing the invite envelops with bits of paper with directions scribbled on them. Less stuff for people to misplace or lose!

Anyway, with just over two months to go, I’m starting to feel the stresses of wedding planning a bit more! I feel I need a giant white or chalk board above my kitchen table with a “Things Still to Do” list. Like, getting the marriage license (the government building is right now the street from Job #1), finalizing the important songs for the reception, finding a rehearsal outfit, making the favours, buying stuff for centerpieces, and oh my word – figuring out how I want my hair styled.

In day to day life, my hair is “styled” one of two ways: Blow-dried straight & parted down the middle or slicked back into a ponytail or bun. Having ridiculously straight, silky hair is actually a curse. It doesn’t hold a shape AT ALL unless I use a gallon of hairspray, at which point my hair turns into a helmet and it gross and crunchy.

Since the day I found my dress I’ve been trying to decide how I want my hair. Up? Down? Half up & half down? Ugh. I’ve been searching everywhere on the Internet for ideas and saving them in a folder for when I go for my consultation with the hairdresser, but nothing screams “me”, yah know? If only my veil would just stay in my hair without it having to be “up” somehow. Figuring out how I want my hair is even more frustrating than finding bridesmaids dresses.

Those are the styles I’ve found and liked thus far. (Yes, I found them around the internet. No, I can’t remember where I found them.) Right now I think I like the last one the best. What do you think?

The last time I had my hair done up all fancy was for my prom. Which was … a while ago.  I’m basically at a loss.


4 thoughts on “WTW: Herr Doos/Crunch Time

  1. I really like the last one too! Finding hairstyles and makeup looks was HUGE for me, I think I ended up printing 11×17 collages at Staples of ideas from the internet and giving it to my hairdresser (not that it did anything, since she didn’t know how to work with extensions and the curls fell after about 10 mins lol!)

    I found most of mine on the Knot’s galleries – lots of inspiration there :)


  2. I’ll probably just have mine down. It’s how I’m used to it and I want to be comfortable on the big day, ya know? Plus if I wanted it up I’d have to get someone else to do it for sure.



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