Friday Bullets

I’m too lazy to write up a post on one topic, and I’m even feeling too lazy to link up for Seven Quick Takes at Conversion Diary, so you get bullets. Win win!

  • Kyle and I’s wedding bands are in! We’re going to go pick them up tomorrow. How exciting! I can’t wait to wear it. We were trying to figure out who should pay for them – apparently I’m technically suppose to buy his and vice versa, but he paid for the deposit on both our rings (we picked them out together because we’re both picky). I guess we’ll just rock-paper-scissor it out.
  • I won a Coldstone Creamery cake, which is PERFECT because Kyle’s birthday is next week! I’m part of a local radio station’s “Workforce” member and you win sweet prizes. I’ve won concert tickets, CD’s, and Subway for my co-workers already through it. I’ve already ordered Kyle a cake through our favourite cupcake bakery for his actual birthday day (Monday), but instead of making one when our friends come over next Friday, ice cream cake it will be! WOO!
  • I’m getting married in a little more than three months. THREE MONTHS! I can now get the marriage license! EEEK. There is still SOOO much to do. SO MUCH. I try not to think about it because it just makes me panic.
  • My gym progress so far: I have been getting up Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for two weeks now and getting my butt to the gym, despite wanting to stay in bed where it’s nice and warm. I have a gripe with the heart rate monitor built into the elliptical machine though – It keeps telling me about 75% of my way thought my workout that my heart rate is HIGH. I’m thinking it’s because I’m ridiculously out of shape and not because I’m about to have a heart attack. I’m still working up the courage to buy a bathing suit and do laps in the pool.
  • I’ve had my phone for a week now and I still love it – minus it’s poor battery life. Anyway, I’m on Words With Friends! (Scrabble knock-off more or less, and I love me some Scrabble!) Add me if you wanna play: karakins14
  • Last week we received some really sad news at Job #1. Our media company has decided to pull the plug on our in-house press machine, and as a result 31 staff members are out of work in April :( (Read our publisher’s statement here). It will be interesting to see if our office relocated since our building is HUGE and we’ll only be using about 1/3 of it.
  • I have been craving won ton soup for at least a month now. One of these days I’m just going to have to order some. It’s KILLING me!
  • There may be a HUGE change in Kyle and I’s life next week (no, I’m not pregnant), but we won’t know until Tuesday night or Wednesday. Gah!

Question time!

– What’s your “normal” working out heartrate?
– Wanna bring me some Won Ton soup?
– Any exciting plans for the weekend?

3 thoughts on “Friday Bullets

  1. That is sad about the newspaper :(

    I have no clue what my heartrate is – my running coach told me it should be at about 140 – 160 when I’m doing a tempo run but I don’t ever wear a heartrate monitor. I think those built-in ones are kind of crappy and don’t work properly though.

    Now that I know your NOT pregnant I’m excited to hear your news ;) Another fur-baby perhaps?


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