Ten on Tuesday

1. What was the number one item on your Christmas wishlist?

I was really banking on a Tassimo coffee brewer and new slippers

2. Did you get the number one item on your Christmas wishlist?

I got them both! Kyle got me the Tassimo, and my Mom bought me slippers. Woo!

3. How long has it been since you’ve had a pedicure?

I’ve never had one actually. Shame! I have this thing with feet; I just don’t think I could handle some stranger touching them.

4. How cold is it in your city today?

It was a balmy 5°C (41°F) today! The snow is pretty much all melted. Not cool!

5. How many pillows do you sleep with?

One! Why would someone need more than one pillow?

6. Can you roll your tongue?

I think so … Yep … I can!

7. Do you always buy the same mascara or do you try new ones each tube?

I’ll use the same one a couple times and then I’ll try something different. Right now I’m using Cover Girl’s Eye Effects.

8. What’s your favorite cookbook?

I rarely ever use a cookbook, but I do get recipes off the internet a lot, so I’ll say the internet :)

9. What was your first pet?

A cat. She was eaten by a coyote. The End :(

10. Do you wear jewelry on a daily basis?

I do!

3 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday

  1. A balmy 41 degrees? Yikes! It was like that over here and I was FREEEEZING! Ha. :)

    Also, I sleep with four pillows, hehe. One pillow puts my head at a weird angle so I always need more.


  2. I sleep with two. Need my head elevated!

    I’ve never had a pedicure either. Don’t like my feet and wouldn’t want anyone else touching them. Also hate getting them massaged…sends me into paroxysms of ticklish laughter.



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