Day 23

Favourite Vacation

My favourite vacation was when during Spring Break of Grade 9. Every winter my grandparents Snowbird down to Palm Springs and that year, they had invited myself and my brother to go visit them during Spring Break. My brother, for whatever reason, didn’t want to fly down, so I ended up going all by myself!

It was the first trip on a plane that I could really remember (I vaguely remember our place trip when we went to Disneyland). I landed in Palm Springs wearing a sweater and pants and quickly switched to shorts and a sleeveless shirt! My very first stop was to a “family” pub called the Beerhunter, where my grandparents insisted I drink virgin strawberry daiquiris. They also took me my very first Target, to an awesome waterpark complete with giant wave pool, a night market, a day market (where I got a little bit of heat stroke), and to my very first Mongolian grill. I also got to see my Nana, which was awesome because I didn’t get to see her very often.

That was my most favourite trip. There’s a couple really close seconds, including me and Kyle’s all-inclusive trip to Vancouver for his Top in Trades award. (Click the link, he’s the second article from the top!) Perhaps I’ll write about that another day!

Tomorrow: Something you’ve learned


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