Day 20

I almost forgot to post today! I guess I’ve had a lot on my mind, which I’ll go into in the near future. I’m thinking about starting a new theme day on le blogge, “Wedding Wednesdays”. One day to get all the wedding thoughts out of my head so this doesn’t turn into a nauseating wedding blog. You’re welcome.

Anyway, today’s topic is:


Ooh boy! Really, I don’t have too many that I go by, and really, they don’t have any special meanings. Here’s a list of a few both present and past ones (with origins if I can remember what they are):

  • KC – My initials. I’m pretty sure only my mom, dad and grandma call me that.
  • KiChow – My high school math teather called me that because he thought it sounded cool.
  • Fred – Shortly after I started Grade 8, a guy asked me what my name was. Being ridiculous, I said it was Fred. It stuck. My high school principal even called me that all throughout high school.
  • The Kitty – This was the result of a drunken work Christmas party and me pretending to clean my face like a cat. Weird, I know.
  • Kara-Lee – This, apparently, is my hillbilly nickname, according to my old roommate.

I’m more than certain that there’s more, but they’re just not coming to me. It’s way too early for me to be thinking!

Tomorrow: Picture of yourself

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