Day 8

A Place I’ve Travelled To

I haven’t really been to many places fun or exciting. Vancouver several times, Palm Springs once in Grade 9 (all by myself!), and random locations for soccer trips during high school. But the craziest place I’ve been to is Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; not really that exciting, until I tell you that it was in the middle of January.

I’m talking -35°C plus wind chills. Yes, January in Saskatoon is a bitch.

So why on Earth would I go? Well, it was for the 2009 Canadian University Press (or CUP) Conference with my awesome student newspaper co-workers. And it was a hell of a time! There was a lot of drinking, a lot of sleeping (who knew that a 3-hour time change would be so hard on a person?), and a lot of just trying to avoid the cold weather.

I also visited a random statue of Ghandi, fell into a snow bank, and toured a newspaper. All in all, despite the cold, it was a lot of fun, and a lot of fabulous memories were made, especially with Mel.

Tomorrow: A picture of your friends


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