Day 5

My Siblings

I am lucky to have one awesome brother. He’s three years younger than I am, so we’re not super close, but close enough where he can call me when he needs help with something and vice-versa.

Aren’t we adorable? I love my too-long shirt and weird headband.

When we were little I was always stealing his Lego and he would steal mine. We’d also get into fights over video games and anything we felt like fighting over.

It’s weird being the older sister and watching him grow up. Really, it just makes me feel old. He’s still trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life, but I’m always there when he needs help with registering for university, buying books, or something else.

My brother is pretty awesome, and I’m glad he’s mine.

Tomorrow: A picture of something that makes you happy

One thought on “Day 5

  1. It’s bizarre, isn’t it? T’s little bro’s voice is starting to break, and it’s so, so weird. I’m also creeped out by the fact that soon his nieces will be sprouting boobs and dating. I wonder what’s scarier for a parent? Probably the girl thing…those physical changes are much more sexual, and you know dads and their daughters.



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