Plain Jane

I’ve never been the kind of girl who needs at least an hours to get ready to go in the morning. Excluding eating breakfast and warming my car in the morning (Hey, Canadian winters are cold!) it usually takes me about 20-25 minutes to shower, get dressed and do what I need to do in the morning.

I’m always amazed by girls who refuse to leave the house without their full-blown make up done and hair looking perfect. I could never spend that much time caring about how I look in the morning. For me, it’s moisturizer, concealer and a touch of mascara in the morning. I’m rather plain Jane that way, and I like it.

Kyle has asked a couple times why I don’t wear make-up more often. Friends have “done up” my face on a couple occasions before going out to the bar and I really don’t think it improved my appearance at all. Maybe it’s because my odd Asian eyelids hide any trace of eyeshadow applied. Who knows.

Anyway, I wish women weren’t so concerned about their appearances sometimes, and I’m not talking about weight or anything. Sure, if you have a giant zit that you need to cover up, okay, but do you really need to wear eight pounds of make-up to go to the grocery store? Probably not. Do you think guys will notice that you don’t have your make-up on? Probably not. Will they be attracted to you anyway? Probably. Most guys like a natural look.

What about you? Are you “natural” or can you not live without your eyeliner?

2 thoughts on “Plain Jane

  1. Since having my short hair it takes me 30-40 minutes MAX to get ready, and that's with blowdrying and straightening my hair! I like to wear a touch of makeup, eyeshadow, bronzer, mascara and lip gloss but I definitely don't understand how people can spend anymore than 15 minutes on their makeup – even when they're getting all done up!


  2. It takes me about 15 minutes to get ready in the morning – I'm all about the moisturizer, maybe some light blush, maybe running a brush through my hair – and that's it. I tend to feel better about myself when I take the time to put on makeup and do my hair but honestly? I value sleep entirely too much!



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