My house has mice in it – more specifically, the kitchen has mice in it, somewhere.

It all started last week and while we thought we caught the one and only mouse, I found poop in our silverware drawer on Wednesday. Siiiick. We caught one more mouse, but somehow three of our nine traps are missing its bait (Nutella). I don’t know how the bait is missing without the mice being dead, but we’re going to have to go with more drastic measures.

As much as I don’t like them we’re going to have to buy some sticky boards because if they keep getting the Nutella off the traps, it’s not helping. I’d rather have the mice die quick and painlessly. Oh well. Right now I just want the mice to go away.

I never thought I’d have a mouse problem, because we’re not dirty, messy people. I feel gross living in a house with mice.

2 thoughts on “Eek!

  1. Have you thought about getting a cat? Not like a kitten, but an actual grown cat that is a mouser. There are lots of them on craigslist.


  2. I want one so badly, but we're renting and I can't get a cat until we have our own place. Plus I'm allergic, so there's that obstacle to get over as well.



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