20SB Blog Swap 7

This post comes from Julie over at The Boob Nazi! It’s part of the 20 Something Bloggers Blog Swap! If you haven’t joined 20SB yet, you should! There’s lots of awesome people over there! You can read my post here. And now, my friends … here’s Julie!

So, this blog swap thing. I’ve never done this before. Let me just introduce myself. I’m The Boob Nazi. If you want to know WHY I call myself that, I have a link on my blog. It’s much too long of a story to share it on here. I’m also known as Julie. I have to be anonymous due to snoopy grad school advisors and my job at a hospital.

The theme is “The Best Thing About Being a Blogger.” Well, let me just say one thing: I love having more people to communicate with. Why? Because then I can mock someone with more people! Let’s see: that woman who said something mean about me? Yep, I get to mock her with others. Those ex-boyfriends? Yes, mock.

That’s me. I enjoy sharing everything about my life with everyone. Come on over and mock others with me!