Weekend Update

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope the time change isn’t messing with you too badly and you’ve adjusted OK! Here’s what we got up to this weekend:

Daphne had a vet appointment in the afternoon for her regular senior dog checkup. She’s been having some bladder issues, so the vet ran a few tests to see what was up, including blood work to check on her thyroid and see if her meds for that needed to be adjusted at all. Her thyroid was just fine, but she apparently has a bit of a UTI, so she was prescribed antibiotics. Other than that, she has a clean bill of health! Not bad for this old gal!

She was SO excited to be going on a car ride until I turned onto the street that the vet clinic is on.

She was SO excited to be going on a car ride until I turned onto the street that the vet clinic is on.

It was a busy one with it being Halloween and all! Isla got to dress up for dance class, and then after that we went home so she could eat lunch and I could nurse Norah, before we all headed down to the mall for some trick or treating! Isla’s costume was a huge hit, she got a whole bunch of candy, and she had an awesome time!

The Princess Zombie and Caterpillar!

After the mall we went home to have some supper before the trick or treaters started arriving at our door. They didn’t really show up until around 6pm, but Isla had a lot of fun answering the door! We hadn’t planned on taking her door to door as we thought she was a little too young still, but our neighbour (who is beyond awesome) showed up with his daughter (who’s about 9 years old), and asked Isla if she wanted to go to a few houses with them. Isla practically ran out the door without her shoes on, so she ended up going for about 20 minutes. Overall, it was a fun Halloween and we’re already plotting our costumes for next year!

Daylight Savings Time threw Kyle and I for a loop; we both woke up at 6 a.m., but the girls slept like nothing had changed! I headed out with Norah and my mom to a huge craft fair, while Isla and Kyle hung out at home and did some yard work. I did a bit of Christmas shopping, and bought Norah a cute little owl toque to match Isla’s for the winter.

Norah's touque

After the fair, it was time to head home and get back into the pre-workweek routine. It was a crazy busy weekend, but great memories were made!

How was your Halloween??


3 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Haha that owl toque is so cute! That’s also so sweet your neighbour invited Isla trick or treating with them. I bet she LOVED going out with the ‘big kids’ :)



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