Comparing Kids

One of the first questions I find that I’m being asked now that Norah is here is, “How is she compared to Isla?” As it turns out, the girls are both pretty different so far, both physically and behaviourally.

For example, when Isla was a newborn she:

  • Had more hair than Norah
  • Spit up WAY more
  • Took a soother
  • Had brown eyes
  • Was a good napper during the day but …
  • Had a horrible nighttime routine

With Norah, things are slightly different:

  • She has less hair that Isla did, and it’s lighter
  • Barely burps after she eats and very seldom spits up
  • HATES a soother, or at least the kind I’m currently trying to offer her
  • Has blue eyes (which very well may change in time)
  • Doesn’t nap very easily during the day but …
  • Sleeps for 3-4 hours straight every night

Of course nowadays, Isla is a wild child with a crazy amount of energy and it looks like Norah may be a little more chill and relaxed than her big sister. I hope that when they’re both older, their personalities balance each other out. If Isla remains to be the wilder child and Norah is more low-key, that’s fine by me. Like every pregnancy, every kid is different.

Norah on the right, Isla on the left

Norah on the right, Isla on the left

And if you were to ask me who my favourite child is, I’ll never tell ;) (I’m kidding, I love them both equally and they both drive me crazy in their own unique ways.)

5 thoughts on “Comparing Kids

    • Right now I’m trying Tommee Tippee soothers with no real luck. Isla took to Avent ones, so I may have to try those. Or maybe this kid just doesn’t like soothers at all :(


  1. They’re both so adorable :) Topher and Ellie are complete opposites in a lot of ways – Ellie is the wild child, the adventurous one, while Topher is more laid back and cautious. Topher wouldn’t take a soother after he discovered his fingers when he was about a month old – maybe Norah will suck her thumb or fingers instead? I didn’t mind that at all when Topher was a baby (no getting out of bed to find misplaced soothers!) but trying to get him to stop now that he’s five is a real struggle!



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