Listy Friday

I don’t think I’ve done a random “life update” post in a while, so I figured I’d make today a list day :)

Last week I signed up for another 12 weeks of Beginner Plus yoga. I’ve really been enjoying my once-a-week escape and just relaxing for an hour! Plus, the venue where classes are held is so relaxing, and our instructor brews delicious tea for everyone. It’s just heavenly. AND during a class a couple week ago we were flowing into headstand pose and I actually made it into the pose, with a little help from Carrie. I thought for sure I was going to topple over, but I managed to hold the pose just long enough for a fellow classmate to snap a quick photo:

Head Stand

Sorry for the crumby iPhone photo

In that same class we also got into crow position – a position I didn’t think I’d be able to do this year, but low and behold I certainly did! I’m just going to toot my own horn a little bit and say I’m surprised how much I’ve progressed  since I started going to yoga last fall. I just wish I had the time to go more often!

Isla has been a busy little girl lately! I don’t know if she’s getting a little cabin fever from being inside most of the winter (I don’t blame her), but she’s just in “go-go-go” mode all the time! Since the weather has been a bit nicer we’ve been spending more time outside taking little strolls up and down the sidewalk. We’ve also visited the park a couple times, which is great because she can just wander wherever she wants and I don’t have to worry about cars or buses flying past us. On Wednesday we chased some geese before I realized the baseball diamond they were on was way muddier than it looked. I really can’t wait for summer to get here so we can have more outside time!


Wrangling geese.

Last weekend Kyle had a “guy’s night,” so Isla and I escaped to my mom’s overnight. Sometimes, it’s just nice to let boys be boys and not have to listen to them talk about welding and whatnot all night long. Isla and I had a nice time relaxing at my mom’s – with the exception of bedtime for Isla. She wasn’t so keen about sleeping in the pack-and-play, and I’m sure that being in a new space didn’t help either, because she screamed for about an hour at bedtime, terrified. She eventually wore herself out and fell asleep, but she really did not want me to leave her side. Poor girl. Needless to say, we were both happy to come home on Sunday and sleep in our own beds.

Last week I started to repaint the ensuite bathroom off of master bedroom. It was the third and final phase in repainting the room – we started with the bedroom itself, then did the closet, and finally did the bathroom. It took me three days to paint the tiny space – when you only have a 2-hour window to get a room painted, it takes a while. On Monday I did the first coat, Tuesday was the second coat, and Wednesday was for touch-ups and putting it back together. I was super stoked to finally have all my painting done, and then Kyle accidentally scraped the wall with his fingernail while hanging his towel up and THE PAINT PEELED OFF THE WALL. I mean literally, peeled off. You could grab the edge of the paint and pull it away like a layer of plastic. Cue stressed out tears. There was now a hand-sized patch on the wall where the original brown paint was happily chilling out, unscathed. We’re not too sure why this happened, but we think it has something to do with the moisture in the room. So, on Thursday I touched up the patches (again), and then put a space heater in the room to help the paint cure. We left it like that all last weekend, and I think the paint is OK now, but we’re still super nervous about touching the walls. If it peels again, we’re going to have to strip the walls and sand them before painting – AGAIN. Fingers crossed people, because I’m so DONE.

Saturday evening I’m heading to a play with a couple of girl friends, and it will be Kyle’s first evening being in charge of putting Isla to bed. We’re planning a trial tonight, so we’ll see how it goes! I’m sure he’ll do just fine :)

On Monday I get to go to the periodontist and have a gum graft. Oh the joy. I have a receding gum line and my dentist had been suggesting that I go see a specialist for a couple years, and last fall she finally said, “You need to go see a specialist,” instead of, “It wouldn’t hurt to get a consultation.” Ugh. So back in December I saw the specialist and it was determined that I’d need grafts on the lower half of my gums on both sides of my mouth. YAY! So on Monday, I’m having the first half of the procedure done. I’m sure I’ll be a miserable mess, so feel free so send happy thoughts my way. And liquified solids. (May I also take the time to mention that I’m SO thankful for the dental plan Kyle has through his work.)

Finally, I just want to thank everyone who gave me some positive feedback and encouragement on Tuesday’s post. I’ve been diving into my textbook every chance to get and it practically feels like I’m in school again: Binders, highlighters, new pens, self tests, MOODLE. It’s going to be an interesting venture, but I’m ready for the challenge and a fresh start in a new career.


One thought on “Listy Friday

  1. How did Kyle do with putting Isla to bed? Nathan can put Topher to bed on his own but if he tries to put Ellie down, she just screams. Every time I’ve tried to go out for the evening by myself I come home to a hysterical baby, so I’ve given up on going out for awhile! At least until she’s sound asleep …

    Good luck on Monday!! I’ll be thinking of you!



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