Listy Friday

  • I am so glad that it’s a long weekend finally, even though I have to work Monday. I’m just exhausted from everything that’s happened in the past week; I really need a breather.
  • My Grandpa – bless his heart – is coming over today to finish painting the baby’s room. That man is unstoppable. I really don’t blame him from wanting to do it though. He never leaves a job unfinished and it will help him get out of the house (well, my mom’s house) and avoid people’s phone calls. I don’t think he’s had much time to himself since my Grandma passed on Sunday, and I’m glad to have him over visiting regardless.
  • Being the writer in my family, I had the honour of writing my Grandma’s obituary, at my Grandpa’s request. I think that was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write, but it’s by far the piece I’m most proud of. I know my Grandma would approve – she loved my work no matter what boring topic I was writing about.
  • I made myself a delicious root beer float last night. You should be jealous of how good it was:

  • Which reminds me: Android FINALLY has the Instagram app available to download, but I’m still trying to figure out how to use it. Like – how on earth do I see my photos all in one spot other than on my phone? I NEED TO KNOW THIS PEOPLE!
  • My mom, aunt, and I are heading to Kelowna tomorrow for some shopping. I think it will be a well deserved and needed “girls day” for us. My aunt is actually in Kamloops from Phoenix, AZ (She flew up Monday to be with my Grandpa). I haven’t seen her in about three years, so it’s been good catching up, even though the circumstances aren’t ideal.
  • On Sunday Kyle’s BFF will be visiting. Shenanigans will probably ensue.
  • Come to think about it, I don’t get too much of a break this weekend after all …
  • I’m pretty sure I’m getting bigger and bigger (baby-wise) every day. It’s amazing how much she’s moving and thrashing about inside me! Sometimes it’s startling, and it still freaks Kyle out everytime she kicks/punches him.
  • I seriously need some new books to read. Suggestions?

What are your Easter weekend plans?

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