Alone at Midnight

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For the first time since we started dating, Kyle and I will be spending New Year’s Eve apart.

With his 4×4 shift work, NYE is his first night shift, so while he’s working away to bring home the bacon, I’ll be celebrating with friends at a dinner/dance party here in town. I know I won’t be alone alone, but there’s something about not having your significant other with you at midnight that just makes me feel a little down inside.

Everyone else I’ll be with will have their boy or girlfriend with them, so midnight is the time of night I’m not particularly looking forward to. The traditional “midnight” kiss will be full of awkwardness as everyone around me makes out. Making it even more awkward will be the fact that I’ll also be stone-cold sober for the first NYE for as long as I can remember as well. Nope, I can’t even drink away the awkwardness.

I even think the guy who I bought my ticket from over the phone felt bad for me. When he told me the final price for a paid of tickets I had to correct him and let him know I was only buying one ticket. The response to that was a long pause and, “Ooooh …. okay.” Thanks buddy.

Of course – there are some perks to being alone, pregnant and sober on NYE. For one – it will be a hell of a lot cheaper! No booze = No ridiculous bar tab, and I won’t have to pay for a cab ride home. It will also give me a great excuse to just sit and people watch for parts of the evening instead of killing my legs and feet dancing all night (“Not feeling well, the baby didn’t seem to like dinner too much!”).

In the end though – I really don’t mind being the only sober and alone one out of the bunch. I’ll get to come home shortly after midnight to my own house and be greeted by my lovable dog and Kyle will be home in a matter of a few hours. Really, being apart from my husband during holidays and events like NYE will make me love and appreciate him more. He sacrifices holidays so we can live comfortably. After all – we have a lifetime of NYE’s ahead of us.

Have you been apart from your significant other during the holidays? How did you deal?
What are you NYE plans? Having a low-key night or are you going out with friends?

5 thoughts on “Alone at Midnight

  1. I used to be a waitress and would always work NYE because you’d make good tips that night so I spent many a midnight at NYE wrapping up at work so I don’t think being alone would faze me too much. NYE is not a big deal to us at all and we’re just staying in this year. I’ve even been known to go to bed before midnight several times. Lol

    I’m sure you’ll have fun on NYE even though you’ll miss Kyle!


  2. Aw, I feel for you! I’ve never spent NYE away from my husband, but have definitely been at many parties without him since he almost always works weekends. We are going to have one other couple over this year – I think we plan to make dinner and just hang out and be super low-key!

    I hope you still have a good time on NYE!

    Oh – and about looking at an electronic screen on an e-reader…I was concerned about that too, but the way they make it seriously feels like it’s just a book in front of me. It’s hard to explain!


  3. Near the beginning of our relationship, Stephen and I spent almost every holiday (except for Christmas) apart, due to his lame work schedule. It was hard at first, but now that he’s no longer working nights, we’ve been together for every holiday this year. It’s so nice to not show up at a family gathering and have the first thing people say to you is “Where’s Stephen?”


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  5. I’ve worked NYE and NYD in the past (heck, you don’t get Xmas off in journalism so you sure as hell aren’t going to get those days off)! We were at the same concert for NYE but I stayed away from the mosh while he got amongst it – so together but apart at midnight, if you like. For me, that midnight kiss thing is nice, but it’s a bit overdone, IMO.



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