Sometimes …

Sometimes …

… I make very effort to go to the gym but I just don’t.

… I have a good excuse to not go to the gym, like dislocating my shoulder for the zillionth/9th time.

… I get tired of people asking me how the wedding planning is going, only because nothing new has happened lately. I did find my shoes though, but who wants to talk about white flip flops? *snore*

… I wonder if I’m in the right career. Job #1 is not looking so hot right now. Times are scary in the media world, especially if you work part-time in a dying section of the media. *sigh* Maybe I need to go back to school. Maybe.

… My blog posts lack “umph”. Like today.

6 thoughts on “Sometimes …

  1. You blog has umph! I know what you mean though, I go through these blogging slumps a lot! Kind of weird because it’s something I really enjoy!
    I have no excuse for not going to the gym, yet I still do not go.


  2. I feel like a communications/journalism degree is really diverse and gives you a good skillset to get into lots of lines of work! Maybe you should just think about broadening your horizons/opportunities? Marketing and PR is fun :)

    Also, I can’t believe how much your shoulder dislocates :S That really sucks!


  3. I thought I was the only one that makes great effort to go to the gym, but find every excuse. I even drove to the gym only to blame there was no parking and went home.

    I’m sorry that you dislocated your shoulder. I hope for a speedy recovery.


  4. I just found out my degree is going to be in Mass Communications and NOT Journalism and Media Studies and I AM SO HAPPY! Honestly, I don’t want anything to do with journalism once I finish, so I’m glad it won’t be on my diploma. It just feels like the newspaper business is dying and whatever jobs are there are very few. (And they’re not looking for fresh-out-of-college grads.)



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