Easy Jacky Boy

If there’s one politician that terrifies me the most, it’s Canada’s NDP Party leader, Jack Layton:

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It’s not because he’s never been in power or anything like that, it’s because one of the most awkward moments in my journalistic life was because of him.

Back in 2008, we had a Federal election. As part of his campaign, Jack Layton came to my university to spread the NDP love and try and round up some young votes. During the “pep” really, I sat front row and more or less centre just to be able to take good notes, since I was covering his visit for the student newspaper. Now, I’m not a NDP fan, actually, I don’t know who I’m a fan of these days, but I guess since I was sitting right there in the front, at the end of the rally, he force a handshake upon me. *gasp!*

I could see him coming, but there was no escape. I really didn’t want to shake his hand. I wanted to remain as non-partisan as possible. But no such luck. I was trapped. And I shook his hand. And a part of me died a little bit.

I don’t know why it bugged me so much. It was like making the Pope shake Perez Hilton’s hand. Just awkward. So ease up Jack, not everyone is eager to shake your hand. Some people are just there to report the news.

Happy awkward Monday :)

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