Ten on Tuesday

Here’s another edition of Ten on Tuesday, brought to you by Chelsea at Roots and Rings!

1.  What two cities should be moved closer together?

It varies on different days, but right now I want Fort St. John to be closer to Kamloops so I can see my little niece. I don’t think I can wait until mid-May to see her! I’d also like Vancouver to be less than four hours away from Kamloops so I could visit there more often.

2. What was the first plane ride you took?

It was to Disneyland when I was in Grade 2! (Or at least I think I was in Grade 2) I don’t remember much of the flight, but my brother and I got to see the cockpit of the plane, so that was pretty awesome.

3. What continent would you most like to visit?

Asia, specifically China.

4. What’s your favorite place to window-shop?

Urban Barn. They have this AMAZING chair called “Nest” that I so desperately want! It’s big, round, soft and comfy!

5. What’s the least fun you’ve ever had at a place specifically tailored for fun?

A wedding last year. Kyle was a groomsmen, the bride was insane and I was miserable. Maybe it was part jealousy, but man, it’s a good thing I couldn’t drink since I had to drive Kyle home.

6.  You’re stuck on an island with plenty of food, a companion, and a relatively stress-free lifestyle. What do you say when the rescue ship comes?

“Could you bring me some more booze? Thanks!”

7. Which day of the week do you look forward to most?

Thursdays! It’s always been my favourite since Kyle and I started dating. It’s like our “date night” – We watch all our favourite TV shows and play couch potato!

8. What’s your favorite place to enjoy the great outdoors?

Anywhere were there’s beautiful green grass and my dog is invited! I love the way it feels on my bare feet!

9. What’s on your “to do” list this summer?

Camping, for sure, and a trip somewhere new. I haven’t been camping in AGES and I really want to go!

10. Which natural disaster freaks you out the most?

Either an earthquake, fire or tornado. Earthquake because shit just falls on top of you, fire because shit burns you and leaves you with nothing and tornado because I hate the wind that much.

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