Ten on Tuesday

Here’s another edition of Ten on Tuesday, brought to you by Roots and Rings!

1. What television character do you identify with?

I really have no idea! I’d like to say one of the characters from Grey’s Anatomy, but I can’t pick one. Maybe Yang because she’s Chinese and crazy.

2. Describe your morning routine.

The alarm goes off at 6:50 a.m. (It’s 5-minutes ahead so it’s actually 6:45 a.m.) I hit the snooze button and eventually roll out of bed at 7:01. (No lies) I pee the jump in the shower! Then it’s fixing my face and hair, getting dressed and breakfast time! I let the dogs out and feed them. I make my coffee then sit down with my newspaper and a bowl of cereal. (Right now it’s a mix of Corn Bran and Kashi cereal!) After I eat I check my email, Facebook and Twitter and tweet that my new blog post is posted. At 7:55 a.m. I put my coffee in my travel mug, organize my lunch, put Molly in her crate, kiss Daphne goodbye (because I feel she’ll forgive me for leaving if I do!) and head out the door! I usually get to work at 8:20 a.m., 10 minutes before I’m actually suppose to start. Huzzah!

3. How do you do lunch? Bring from home or dine out? Same thing every day or mix it up?

To save $$ I try to bring my own lunch to work. Usually we make enough dinner the night before to have leftovers for the next day. Kyle and I both like to take lunches, but sometimes we don’t have leftovers. If that’s the case, he’ll stop at Tim Hortons in the morning for a sandwich and I usually grab something at the deli next door to my office.

4. What is one moment that, although seemingly trivial at the time, changed your life?

It’s probably not that trivial, but being on Academic Probation after my first semester of university. I had a 0.5 GPA. I learned that I need to be more dedicated and that university isn’t anything like high school.

5. Name your top three beauty products.

Concealer, eyelash curler and lotion! I get random zits all the freaking time and I swear by my concealer. My eyelashes stick straight out and when I put mascara on they stick together. Lotion, because well, I live in a desert and my skin is stupid dry. “It puts the lotion on the skin or else it gets the hose again … ”

6. What do you do when you’re alone in the car?

Sing! Haha, I sing so stupid loud in my car, it’s embarassing. Kyle always asks me, “Who sings this song?” and I tell him, so then he says, “Okay, let’s keep it that way, okay?” :P

7. What is the ideal city for you to live in? If you can, take this survey (< that’s a link) and tell us the results. Do you agree with them?

So I took that survey and my top three answers were 1) Hartford, Connecticut, 2) Little Rock, Arkansas and 3) Charleston, West Virginia. To be honest, all those places are too big for my liking! I checked the box that said “mid-sized town” and there’s almost a million people in one of those places! Too many! I actually really love living where I am now. The size is perfect.

8. Are you waiting for something?

I am and I’m getting quite impatient about it all.

9. What was the last shocking news you heard?

It’s not news I heard, but things I’ve realized. There are SIX people pregnant at the grocery store I work at. Needless to say, I don’t drink the water there …

10. What are three things you wouldn’t do for a million dollars?

  1. Hold a spider
  2. Eat a spider
  3. That skinny, greasy guy from Twilight. Ick.

4 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday

    • I just don’t understand why girls like him! He looks like he hasn’t showered in two weeks, and he’s so pale! Ick! I quite enjoy the size of Kamloops, It’s just under 90,000 – perfect! I grew up in a town of about 1,800 :P



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