Friday Food: Soup FAIL

So last Wednesday I attempted to make Roasted Garlic Soup, which I found on this website.

I had to roast the garlic in the oven for 45 minutes and it smelled absolutely A-MAZING. Like … OMG. *drool* I absolutely love garlic and my house smelled so … domestic.

I chopped onions, carrots and potatoes like the recipes asked for, sauted them for 10 minutes or so and added my liquids, then let it boil for 35 minutes like the recipe asked me to do.

I whizzed the soup up in our little Magic Bullet since we don’t have a blender (Just a note: The lid gets seized on the Magic Bullet if you whip up HOTTT stuff for too long. Insert mental image of me panicking in the kitchen now.)

The soup ended up looking like this:

Tasty looking right? WRONG! Here comes the fail …

Because I’m not a wine drinker at all, I figured “Hey, why don’t you just substitute white wine vinegar for the white wine? Yeaah, don’t do that. As soon as I put the vinegar in, it just smelled horrible. I figure I’d try it, but no … after a half a bowl, I felt gross.  So yeah, soup fail. I’ll try it again in the near future but WITHOUT the freaking vinegar.

Go ahead, tell me I’m a dumbass …

5 thoughts on “Friday Food: Soup FAIL

  1. I had a semi soup fail the other day. I’m not much of a cook (although I pretend to be) and don’t know all the terms for everything. Well, this recipe called for two cloves of garlic and I thought a clove was the entire garlic bulb. I put TWO GARLIC BULBS in this soup. It was some strroooooooong soup. It’s still edible, each bowl just needs to be doctored up with a lot of milk and cheese. Hahahaha!


    • lol! If I was less savvy in the kitchen I’d probably make the same mistake. I still haven’t mastered the barbecue; I can never figure out when steaks are cooked! It’s a god thing Kyle likes them bloody :P



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